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Gabaji Cake Shop

We are the authorised seller for The Monginis Cake Shop in Chandiwali at Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra area. About Us About Us • Monginis -a premier and popular destination for lovers and connoisseurs of all varieties cakes, chocolates, pastries and cookies, with a commanding and distinguished presence in 12 cities around India and 2 in Egypt. • Core Purposes : “To help people express their happiness in a memorable way.” Assist customers in conveying happiness to their loved ones in memorable and personalized ways. • Core Values : All our products and services shall be offered with the same love, care and affection as if, they were meant for the most beloved person. Use the best ingredients, offer fresh bakery products, customized to suit personal tastes, with excellent standards of creativity, and delivered with the highest degree of timeliness and assurance of impeccable quality. Good intentions in dealing with stakeholders like Suppliers, Employees, Franchisees, Dealers and Consumers yield good products and services. Cherish, honour and respect, the goodwill and cooperation given by stakeholders like Suppliers, Employees, Franchisees, Dealers and Consumers. monginis Monginis uses only the finest and freshest ingredients in its products, with insistence on quality control at every stage of production, packaging and delivery. Monginis have specialized in and gained renown for custom made personalized products, which the client can order as per individual specifications and tastes, together with unique messages, which touch the hearts of the recipients. Monginis expert staff of chefs, confectioners, and artist, strive for ongoing creativity and customer satisfaction - we create the dream gift which the client has conjectured in his or her mind. Monginis is the ‘Celebration King’ with virtually no popular or special occasion remaining outside its range. Clients have now become habituated to celebrate with Monginis whether birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, Children’s Day, etc. • Monginis outlets – Cake Shops, are conveniently located, with a friendly ambience and helpful staff, whose motto is – the complete satisfaction of the customer’s sweet wishes. • Great ethics and services, have ensured that Monginis has spread its wings across exclusive 521 outlets, using 1,25,000 sq. ft. of retail space, 20000 non exclusive dealers selling the brand, and a daily footfall of 75000 customers, in addition to the large organized retailers like Big Bazaar, More, Spencer’s, Dmart, Star Bazaar, Reliance.monginis • Monginis – The name Guarantees. Clients have become accustomed to hassle free services and blemishless products, which come with a high degree of creativity and aesthetism. • The prompt and efficient delivery service has been one of Monginis fortes and hallmarks. In a market environment where emphasis by many supplier s of goods and services is only on core products and sub contracting of related ones, for Monginis, the timely and proper delivery of the client’s choices in perfect condition, has always been very much a vital part of the complete process aimed at blameless customer satisfaction. • Monginis Gift Coupons and Corporate Gift initiatives have gained widespread credibility and acceptance. They are not only supremely convenient and easy to utilize, but are supported by Monginis core desire to provide creative and personalised products, ( as opposed to mass produced, assembly line manufactures) . Every gift is for a unique individual, for no two persons are ever the same. Monginis confectioners, chefs, and artists are always on the stand by to create exclusive and artistic products, to the entire satisfaction of the client. Monginis concept of ‘logo’cakes, artistic renderings of the company product or logo, have been warmly welcomed in the corporate world. • Started in 1956 by the Khorakiwala family, Monginis flowered under the visionary genius of Husseini Khorakiwala in the 1970’s. An entrepreneur par excellence, he felt that progress ought to be a combined experience. He offered franchises to budding business persons who could operate their own enterprises, by employing the product and service range offered by the mother company, Monginis. Excellent ethical standards and products, ensured that the move flourished. Today, Monginis franchisees are a happy and progressive part of the family. • In the field of electronic marketing too, Monginis has not lagged behind. Instead , its portal , www.monginis.net is one of the leaders in on line marketing and servicing, creating a valued niche for itself. The portal gives clients a convenient and safe option of sending gifts to loved ones, or business associates, without the hassle of personal visits or payment hurdles. • Beside Cakes, Monginis also serves snacks like puffs, bread rolls, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches through its exclusive cake shops. Monginis also dynamically caters for “snack packs” ideal for parties and get-togethers. • The list of satisfied and regular Monginis clients reads like a Who’s Who of Commerce and Industry, • Globally too, Monginis has created a distinctive presence in Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt, with supplies reaching neighboring Countries like Libya, Yemen, Sudan in the African Continent. Monginis also caters to the prestigious UK market with active plans for expansion to other European countries. • The company has 14 manufacturing plants producing oven fresh, mouth watering cakes consistently throughout the year. Of these, 3 plants are Company owned and the rest are owned and operated by the manufacturing franchisees. • Monginis offers mouth watering, lip smacking, aesthetically designed, personalized cakes, pastries, chocolates, special seasonal confectioneries, cookies, snacks like puffs, bread rolls, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches , at its Cake Shops. • Monginis is a popular option for bulk catering at parties, weddings, and other functions. • Monginis Cakes come with imaginative and appealing names like Black Forest, Dutch Chocolate, Chocolate Marquise, White Forest, etc. and exotic flavours like Fruit of the Forest, Passion Fruit, Blueberry and Walnut, Coffee and Hazel nut, etc. • Monginis imaginative and delectable Theme Cakes, for exclusive and particular occasions like Independence Day, Mother’s day, Hi /Hello Cakes, etc. have well and truly caught the imagination of the public and customers. • Behind the thriving and efficient operation of the trusted brand of Monginis, is the guiding hand of its Chairman, Zoher Khorakiwala. Trained under the watchful eyes of his late dynamic and visionary father, Hussieni Khorakiwala, Zoher has been responsible for charting fresh grounds and territories for the flagship brand, and carrying it not only to various parts of India but also the world. • Retaining all the ethical values and laudable principles of the family, Zoher Khorakiwala has forged ahead with entrepreneurial zeal, taking the company well in to the new millennium, with fresh insights and objectives. • Some adjectives clients apply to Monginis products are – dainty and delectable, scrumptious and savoury, thrilling and tantalizing, awesome and elevating, succulent and smooth, stimulating and satisfying, a class of its own ……….


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Shop No B4, Nahar Shopping Plaza, Chandivali, Mumbai 400072, Maharashtra, India
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